Posted by Damien. on 14th Dec 2021

UF Pro Multicam Tropic - get yours now!

This release was a bit out of the blue.   In fact it was so suprising, UF Pro old us about it the day they opened orders for dealers!    If you're a UF Pro fan or a Multicam fan, this is a definate collectable for you.    UF Pro has chosen to relase the following items in Multicam Tropic:

Striker HT Combat Pants.

Striker Gen II Combat Shirt.

Gen II Boonie Hat.

We've chosen to offer the UF Pro Multicam Tropic as complete sets in common sizes for collectors but we know this won't suit everyone.    If you want pants only, or a shirt, or full set in other sizes, send us an email and we can check that it's available for you.

From experience of these things, we expect the UF Pro Multicam Tropic ot sell out globaly and in a reasonably short time, so if you want to spoil yourself this Christmas, get a set now.   If they do this pattern again, it won't be for a while.