Carinthia Tactical Multicam Poncho Available Now!

Posted by Damo. on 6th Dec 2021

Carinthia Tactical Multicam Poncho Available Now!

After a short production delay, we have stock of the Carinthia Multicam Poncho, and it's a fantastically functional bit of gear!    After pulling one out of the bag, we found that it's thicker than your regular liner, can be zipped into a lightweight sleeping bag, opened into a blanket, packed into it's own integral storage pocket, strung up like a shelter (not for rain!) and of course, you can wear it to keep warm.   And with this, we keep thinking about how good it woud be sitting in your pit, doing piquet snug and warm with a Carinthia Tactical Poncho over you.


I'll be getting a Carinthia Tactical Poncho for myself and retiring my ERDL poncho liner, that I traded off a guy from the 25th Inf Div in 1987!

See the details HERE and get yours.   For USA and foreign customers, we ship overseas.   At checkout, sales tax will be deducted and shipping added automatically.