Posted by Damien. on 18th May 2023

Carinthia Price Rises.

If you've been browsing recently, you will have seen a big jump in proces accross the range of Carinthia products.

We've held that off as long as we could, and that was until we were out of stock which we bought at the old wholesale prices.    Carinthia raised prices in march of this year and the rise were significant.   Add in the the AUD lost about 5% against the Euro and has mantained that loss, and you have some significant expense.

Is it still good value?   You bet it is.    in fact, it's retailing where it should be been retailing about 2 years ago and we still offer a better price than if you by it from overseas!

On the plus side, we have the limited edition ISG 2.0 Multicam Black.   Get some!