Posted by Damo. on 26th Aug 2020

And Now Shipping to the USA!

For a while we've had a lot of traffic from the USA and we know that it's hard to get some of our stuff there.    Why? no idea....   yeah, it defies logic.     Anyway, the ability to ship to the USA was easy to add once we'd sorted all the OS sales and tax issues.   Remember, you save the 10% GST on all otems, which is removed at checkout when you select your contry.   Shipment is by actual weight, not cubic so id pretty decent on cost.   Shipping to AFPO addresses should also be ok.    Now, some stuff we can't ship and we'll let you know, or just flick us an email with your questions.   We're always happy to chat.

Oh, and we'll be back in stock of MIG 4.0 jackets early next week.

So, with the Northern Winter coming, we'll help you get into some awesome Carinthia gear!