Phantomleaf Miltec WASP 1 Z2 Combat Shirt 2.0

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Phantomleaf Miltec Z2 Combat Shirt 2.0


You know we wouldn't make you wear a plate carrier over a BDU shirt!   So combat shirts in Phantomleaf WASP 1 are coming.   Release of the updated version 2 of Mil-Tec's combat shirt coincides with the release of the Phantomleaf WASP 1 pattern, so you now have a comfortable and highly functional combat shirt for wear under your plate carrier.   Made for Gelbalsters, Paintball, Airsoft, Milsim and even hunting if you prefer, the Phantomleaf WASP 1 combat shirt is packed with the features you want and more.   In fact, it's better than some shirts at twice the price!     See the list below and fit yourself out in camo that realy does work.

Torso: 100% Cotton
Sleeves/collar: 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton (Ripstop fabric)
Mesh insert: 100% Polyester

- narrow-cut field shirt
- high-closing collar with chin protection
- mesh inserts under armpits for good ventilation
- 2 upper arm pockets each side with zipper
- large loop closure surface on upper arm pocket with hook closure patch
- adjustable cuffs by hook and loop closure
- elbow reinforcement can be equipped with an additional protector
- several loops on shoulders and upper arms to fix camouflage material
- sqaure loop closure surface on neck to fix patches