Phantomleaf Mil-Tec WASP 1 Z2 Woobie / Poncho Liner.

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Phantomleaf Mil-Tec WASP 1 Z2 Woobie / Poncho Liner.

Woobie, Poncho Liner, which is it!   It's a great bit of gear that has spawned heaps of variations since being intorduced by the US during the Vietnam war.    Woobie or Poncho Liner is just a generational thing, but it's alway been a usefull and practical item that was designed as a jungle blanket to be combined with a poncho and turend into a hot or tropical sleeping bag.    Most people use it on it's own for all sorts of things, even just at home on the lounge!     The Phantomleaf version by Mil-Tec is made to GI spec and is designed to be paired with the poncho.   Use it to keep warm in camp or in a hunting blind with your Mil-Tec camo net.   The pattern will blend seamlessly with other Phantomleaf gear.

Upper: 100% Polyester
Padding: 100% Polyester (100 g/qm)
Transportation bag: 100% Polyester
Dimensions: 210 x 150 cm
Weight: 800 g

- includes small carry bag
- applicability as liner for the poncho or as comforter/blanket.